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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - International Socialist Curse

International Socialist Curse


James Bredin

Was Jean Chretien such a dreadful socialist curse?
Is it possible Paul Martin could or might be worse?
They seem to have disliked our great American friends,
Locked in what appeared to be socialist communist trends.

Constantly traveling on junkets here and there everywhere,
Their nightly sound bites and videos, a constant blare,
At any given moment - no one was ever sure,
Why were they trying to give aid to a place so obscure?

They liked every dictator and war lord they ever met,
Send them aid to help them in corruption and debt,
Did that money go straight into a Swiss bank account?
Did it change anything over there to any great amount?

And at the UN, they were praised up to the roof,
Bought Kyoto and ICC as each one behaved like a goof,
Made grand left-wing statements for the world to hear,
Catered to those who were into same sex or queer.

Elitists bilinguals lectured but never discussed,
And you unilingual listened and voted but never fussed,
They appointed their friends and guided you through it all,
Taxed you to the eyebrows with your back to the wall.

They’re home free now for lack of opposition worthwhile,
As they tax and they spend and travel while they beguile,
Without set-dates or term limits we’re really stuck,
In Trudeau’s Charter with our property rights in the muck.

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