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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Imperial Bilingual Bureaucracy

Imperial Bilingual Bureaucracy


James Bredin

Their imperial bilingual bureaucracy lied,
From behind their covert curtain where they really reside,
Modern mandarins managed multicultural flanks,
And if anything went wrong just blamed it on the Yanks.

Adolf Hitler used hatred to put Europe in reverse,
Different times in different places it was a curse,
The Blacks, the Jews, the Catholics all got their share,
Now itís the Americans who might be aware.

Why do our politicians always leave us ashamed?
And at the Adscam inquiry look shocked at being named,
Where are the missing millions and billions that went to friends?
Itís not the Americans; itís corruption and trends.

We are not a little European principality,
Depending on history, hope and sentimentality,
We are interlocked with the US, like it or not,
Though this is something our politicians have forgot.

As they bob and they weave with pompous equalization,
Not equal and no proportional representation,
Hid Adscam ransom money that went to Quebec,
To stop the third referendum that they canít check.

And friendly foundations where they hid other dough,
And they seldom tell the truth so no one can know,
The Auditor General is not allowed to see those books,
No referendums or recall as they deny theyíre crooks.

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