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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - If we had a feminist Supreme Court Judge

If we had a feminist Supreme Court Judge


James Bredin

If we had a feminist Supreme Court judge, how would we know?
Weíre not allowed to ask questions and there is no quid pro quo,
And would this really matter if you ended up in her court?
Or would she, could she, look down at you as a devious dork?

Because this is the way the system was designed,
By Trudeau and Chretien with many of their friends combined,
They called it the Charter but with no property rights,
And their media screamed it was great from the lofty heights.

There is no public input in their government decisions,
Itís party policy, no free votes and no revisions,
No referendums, recall and we could be in dire straits,
Without election dates, term limits or public debates.

No proportional representation for this proud crowd,
Constitutional changes will just not be allowed,
Need seven provinces plus half the people to arrange,
But Ottawa politicians donít want that change.

As they tax, spend, borrow and lend and cover their tracks.
And at the adscam hearings evade the facts to the max,
And appoint their friends to high places and cover their ass,
Just to make sure itís another Shawinigan pass.

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