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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - How Serious is the Adscam Inquiry

How Serious is the Adscam Inquiry


James Bredin

They searched around until they found a very good reason,
To steal from the treasury and not be charged with treason,
Said it was Sponsorship Plan because of Referendum Two,
Envelopes stuffed with money for this plundering crew.

Great country as you can tell but with politicians from hell,
Who pillage the treasury in a way no one can tell,
You remember Jean Chretien and his little golf ball stunt,
Such arrogant self confidence and he did it out front.

This sponsorship program was in keeping with the season,
To show the flag in Quebec they said was their reason,
That plus equalization should keep Quebec quiet,
Plus federal bilingualism should reduce any riot.

But now that they’ve been caught with both hands in the cookie jar,
Helping themselves to taxpayers’ money from near and from far,
As the stench of their corruption permeates their ranks,
Without firewall protection and they never said thanks.

As the Quebecois now look at their federal politicians,
And they ponder their future with these same conditions,
As separatists urge them on and say it’s time for a change,
We need Referendum Three so we can rearrange.

As some politicians search frantically for a reason,
Close adscam and no election until another season,
But the hockey has been delayed and people are confused,
Is this serious stuff or should we be amused?

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