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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Hatred Haunts

Hatred Haunts


James Bredin

Hatred can unite us against those others,
It doesn’t matter that they were once brothers,
Or that they could be brothers again if things changed,
Not if special-interest types have things arranged.

Those with hatred in their hearts and hidden agenda,
Point the finger and pump out pious propaganda,
They want more power so use hatred a lot,
Hitler did it to the Jews and look what he got.

While those who should unite us remain silent,
Indifferent pretending this is not violent,
And the left wing socialists have a field day,
Claim the Bush Administration has gone astray.

Pompous politicians make innuendos and remarks,
Like hidden agenda of Lenin, Stalin or Marx,
But of course you say this could never happen here,
We have a Charter for same-sex crowd and the queer.

And that Adscam stuff is all just a passing phase,
As the dozy status-quo crowd walk around in a daze,
And farmers whose land is turned into green belt,
With no property rights just love where they dwelt.

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