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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Goodbye Quebec

Goodbye Quebec


James Bredin

Goodbye Quebec; now we can get on with the rest of our lives,
In any new rearrangement, I hope everyone survives,
Was the equalizatiough money?
Was Ottawa not Santa Clause enough or the Easter Bunny?

Did you not read all those Adscam advertisement jewels?
Were you not trained to think that Ottawa forever rules?
And you didnít give Trudeauís Charter your provincial John Doe,
Written for "everyone" in the world in case you didnít know.

I never learned French, Iím sad to say -- Iíd have to pay and pay,
Never heard it either except on TV - night and day,
Maybe I should be more subservient to the federal cause,
no need for instant translation in Adscam flaws.

I knew for years your referendum would get fifty percent plus,
Iím not a bought party politician forbidden to discuss,
Tied to their pompous policies or bent by Adscam lies,
As I watch displeased and transfixed at the country maybe dies.

We could "Fix Canada" but Ottawa would have to change,
They wouldnít like that one little bit - isnít that strange?
Theyíd have to turn honest and back to the community,
Whereís the leadership to th this opportunity?

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