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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Foreign Aid Should Increase

Foreign Aid Should Increase


James Bredin

They preach about our obligation to save mankind,
And we can take the taxation though weíre in a bind,
We have an obligation to those poor starving and sick,
Foreign aid should increase ten fold and this is not a trick.

And the United Nations will help with all these donations,
Guide them to where those dictators are all stationed,
And you donít dare ask where the money goes after that,
It disappears so again they come back to pass the hat.

And the poor, the dying and the sick increase every year,
So therefore the donations should increase; is that clear?
Tens of thousands of dollars funneled their way,
So they can preach some more and more and never go away.

And donít you even think that something is wrong,
What are you; a fascist pig who should not even belong,
We are in this together so send a big donation,
This is not a secret adscam political foundation.

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