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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Fierce but Friendly Foundations

Fierce but Friendly Foundations


James Bredin

Friendly funded foundations maybe as many as twelve,
Where swell people of the twilight zone are allowed to delve,
Political maneuvers made in the dark of night,
Get and pay for the vote but do it all out of sight.

Everything is above board if you happen to belong,
But if you donít, itís too bad and you are probably wrong,
These friendly foundations always have funds for their friends,
And it pays to be aware of their political trends.

And itís all legal because they said it was so,
Passed some regulations and they did it long ago,
The Adscam guys have known about this for years,
As they manipulated the system or so it appears.

Our silence on this issue has always been their friend,
While they quietly travel the world, steal, tax and spend,
And even now that itís revealed you donít know what to do,
Because you vote by their remote and always on cue.

Referendums and call backs might slow them down,
Or you could jump up and down and behave like a clown,
Youíre just a constituent and merely an observer,
On a very leaky boat without a life preserver.

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