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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Environment from Hell

Environment from Hell


James Bredin

Of course youíll understand when they close the plant down,
And move to the US and you are left with a frown,
Because itís for our own good politicians say,
Weíll breathe clean air and our added taxes will pay.

Itís the learning process of progress in reverse,
As Kyoto is imposed with no need to converse,
A mental illness virus plague straight from hell,
Environmental stuff they all managed to sell.

We seem to have bought it all, hook line and sinker?
Ottawa is noted for only one honest thinker,
Foundations get money and Sheila doesnít know why,
Theyíre illusive as a UFO up in the sky.

Politicians nod their heads and we tend to believe,
Would politicians and foundations ever deceive?
They donít need parliamentary approval,
Mysterious entities beyond our perusal.

And you canít ask and you canít tell and you donít know,
Distracting media information comes like snow,
Important stuff in Africa or United Nations,
Are they more important than US relations?

Would the Adscam guys lie and what remains hidden?
Canít look, canít see, because they say itís forbidden,
Did they shoot themselves in the foot or the neck?
Money laundering or equalization in Quebec.

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