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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Envelopes stuffed with thousand dollar bills

Envelopes stuffed with thousand dollar bills


James Bredin

Was it unmarked envelops stuffed with thousand dollar bills?
Worthy of the mafia money laundering skills,
We’re so lucky because we still don’t know who was at fault,
As revealed at the Adscam Inquiry by Jean Brault.

Because this Adscam information is still coming out,
As we wait with baited breath but no one has a doubt,
Just how many of the Chretien clan were involved?
Will this adscam sovereignty mystery ever be solved?

Because the Adscam is where public opinion counts,
They discussed huge numbers of varying amounts,
Our taxpayers’ money manipulated here and there,
And all this went on and we were not aware.

Was it about the Red Book or the ethics they preached?
And did you know that prime ministers cannot be impeached?
And you cannot vote for your prime minister,
And he decides to walk or stay or to administer.

He picks the judges and the senators that you can’t question,
About their hidden vested interests and this is not repression,
But this information like the Adscam stuff is unknown,
Will they try to close it down or will they postpone?

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