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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Dipstick,%22 someone sai

Dipstick,%22 someone sai


James Bredin

A Judas, a Benedict Arnold but with a smirky smile,
Betrayed a friend, country, her party, secretly with guile,
Reminded me of some old cold-war turncoat communist spy,
Who went and joined the other side and we never did know why.

Add this to the Adscam inquiries that keeps us awake,
And how many backstabbing cabinet members can they make?
Worthy of a Shakespearian play, all this contempt,
No honor, justice, principles, respect and never repent.

And we are held captive as we watch them all on TV,
Without referendums, recall, term limits and we agree,
A society of sheep captured by wolves, who want us sedate,
One free-fall Quebec referendum away from a failed state?

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