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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Criminal Conspiracy Curse

Criminal Conspiracy Curse


James Bredin

Do you really care whether your government is up or down?
Is it a corrupt dictatorship that should not be around?
Moving your money in suitcases, and giving it to their friends,
Many of whom already drive in Mercedes Benz.

Canadian loyalist subjects keep their place in line,
Proudly, politely and patiently, they do it all the time,
While politicians divert money and leave no paper trail,
Their firewalls are in fashion and there’s no cheque in the mail.

And you must understand, they say; this is for your own good,
As they tax and spend and travel the world and you wish you could,
Are we destined to disintegrate because we cannot change?
Stuck deep in their status quo that we cannot rearrange.

What happens when a government is rotten at the top?
Deny suitcases full of money and say that they are not,
While Adscam reveals that taxpayers’ money laundering scheme,
And they pump their propaganda with their friendly media team.

Delay election calls because some Conservatives are sick,
Make sure they’re in hospital and can’t vote and that’s the trick,
While in Quebec they wonder if separation could be worse,
Than this criminal conspiracy and awful Ottawa curse.

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