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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Corrupt Canadian Political Traditions

Corrupt Canadian Political Traditions


James Bredin

Adscam shows our politicians are so deceitful and corrupt,
And only they can decide if or when we may interrupt,
Because without referendums, recall or set-date elections,
We the people donít have any power or make selections.

Is there a Chretien/Martin firewall in operation?
To keep them out of Adscam hearings and avoid a sensation,
So far weíve only heard of a slight hearsay connection,
And some seem to fall on their swords for PMís protection.

It has shown the lifestyle of continuous corruption,
That permeated the party without government disruption,
And their right to stay in power forever could not be denied,
But will these Adscam hearings help Canadians decide?

Or are we all completely and utterly mentally ill?
Who despite the hearings canít believe theyíre a poison pill,
Corruption on an ongoing vast gargantuan scale,
Completely hidden because they had no paper trail.

As we send our equalization ransom payments in a check,
And it goes straight through Ottawa and then onto Quebec,
Why are we cursed with such rotten pompous politicians?
Itís time that we had one to break with corrupt traditions?

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