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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Charge the Bastille

Charge the Bastille


James Bredin

Check the multiculturalism and bilingualism lot,
Then add unequal equalization and what have you got?
An Ottawa nightmare majority turned minority,
In a paralyzed parliament demanding seniority.

A sign of the times that maybe we’re all completely mad,
Accept money laundering Liberals who say they’re not bad,
And maybe at the next election we’ll give them another chance,
To amend their criminal ways so once more they do a dance.

Or maybe it’s just me and I need another drink and soon,
They seem to want an election maybe this coming June,
Should I volunteer to carry those suitcases full of money?
I hear they are very heavy so this is not funny.

And in Quebec they’re so mad they’ll have Referendum Three,
Maybe separate from Canada and that means you and me,
Just because of Adscam but not that equalization dough,
Which is many billions and which is neither equal nor low.

But don’t dare to change Canada or the Constitution,
Tax and spend on Kyoto and say it’s all for pollution,
Send soldiers and more millions to Africa for those who are ill,
If this was France, people would have long ago charged the Bastille.

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