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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Change the Canadian Constitution

Change the Canadian Constitution


James Bredin

The Adscam Inquiry should scream that we need to change,
Soon like tomorrow, as quickly as we can arrange,
To avoid the pitfalls caused by our life-long politicians,
Who wait and delay and claim itís all caused by conditions.

These reoccurring scandals have long become the norm,
Though every year they claim theyíll get ethics and transform,
And an election will restore all their resolution,
But they always refuse to change the constitution,

Discredited and derailed expectations that have failed,
Free fall opinion polls though no politicians have been jailed,
The writing in the media and on the wall says it all,
It mentions their lack of ethics in a very large scrawl.

They need seven provinces plus half the population,
And Ottawa too wants in, in desperation,
Therefore constitutional changes will never occur,
Because theyíll conceal this and that and fail to concur.

Provinces should be equal with Ottawa now,
Why wait for the next Quebec referendum somehow?
Are we too blind and dumb to see whatís coming down the road?
Canít read the writing on the wall because itís in code.

Itís the nature of politicians to never act,
They are programmed to linger and wait and then to react,
But weíve been tormented by these politicians long enough,
Change the constitution now before it gets rough.

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