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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Change The System Soon

Change The System Soon


James Bredin

When equalization is not equal but a power scheme,
Designed and maintained to ensure their continuous regime,
Dreamt up in Ottawa to ensure submissive folks just like you,
Who vote on cue, donít get what youíre due and donít have a clue.

Because the system itself needs to be changed and rearranged,
Never voted for your prime minister and think this is not strange,
And without term limits, many of them stay their whole lives,
Manipulating everything to ensure their system survives.

Your MP only represents his Party - not you,
There are no free votes in parliament so your needs are taboo,
Without an elected Senate referendums or recall,
And you canít ask questions so donít even bother to call.

A society of sheep being led to the slaughter house,
And while enroute you can vote but do it quiet as a mouse,
And donít even think bad thoughts because the system is blessed,
You are not allowed to change anything or even protest.

As the Adscam is told about corruption wall to wall,
With what looks like a firewall to protect Chretien and Paul,
Moving money in envelopes without a paper trail,
Just like the Mafia except many of them are in jail.

Did I mention money hidden in friendly foundations?
No one knows the numbers nor do they make explanations,
So an election alone will not change this system of abuse,
Change the Constitution now; we donít need another excuse.

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