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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Status Quo Stuff

Canadian Status Quo Stuff


James Bredin

They’d like Adscam Inquiry under the rug soon,
At least by sometime tomorrow afternoon,
They have things to do and places to go overseas,
So go check the same-sex stuff would you please.

Quebec adscam ransom was always on time,
So Ottawa politicians felt they should feel fine,
Plus equalization billions sent that way,
So what if some of it got squirreled away?

These people in Quebec should therefore behave,
Referendums could send Canada to the grave,
Canadians can’t change the Charter or Constitution,
And Quebec can’t have a referendum revolution.

Billions stashed in foundations for minority votes,
Which millions in the proper places promotes,
The Auditor General can’t investigate their books,
So she can never claim that they might be crooks.

Canadians should obey and show status-quo support,
Bilingualism, Kyoto and International Court,
With UN supervision nothing should ever fail,
And Canadian politicians just can’t go to jail.

They’ve done a survey on everything big and small,
And your extortionate taxes paid for it all,
They formed a committee to impose every move,
And created a commission so their judges approve.

They have commissioners and judges all over the place,
And more appointees waiting in line just in case,
With no proportional representation they’ll stay,
And promote same-sex stuff for those who are gay.

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