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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Conservative Convention 2005

Canadian Conservative Convention 2005


James Bredin

Should I take a stand and resign from the party today?
They turned Liberal in Montreal so far away,
They’re going to model themselves on those Adscam guys,
Money laundering, corruption, deceit and lies.

They came out united come hell or high water,
No matter that the next election could be a slaughter,
As they dumped all previous Reform policies,
Preferred the Liberal adscam lies and fallacies.

And like the Liberals they don’t want to be ever recalled,
No national referenda system can ever be installed,
And definitely, they’ll have no fixed election dates,
And no proportional representation debates.

And like Liberals -- never use the notwithstanding clause,
Bought full national bilingualism and Santa Clause,
And rogue refugees arriving every day and night,
To all those legal immigration lawyers’ delight.

They slapped old Reform ideas in the face,
Now they’re a carbon copy of the Liberal rat race,
Joe Clark and his red Tories must be laughing now,
He would have no trouble with this socialist crowd somehow.

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