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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Adscam Additions

Canadian Adscam Additions


James Bredin

Those who made millions say it was not their fault,
They got carried away with themselves and couldnít call halt,
The Quebec referendum caused this awful Adscam plight,
And now this is how these patriots tried to put things right.

Thatís why the Adscam millions all came their way,
To advertise to those separatists that they should stay,
This was a catastrophe - much worse than it sounds,
They needed millions to try and stop these clowns.

They should be made heroes and given medals of Honor,
Instead of being pointed out and called goons or goner,
It was the Ottawa oligarchy that caused the pain,
Obliging consultants with so many contracts like rain.

Because equalization in Quebec didnít work,
Money canít buy loyalty they often said with a smirk?
And the referendum came within one percent,
Of putting Ottawa into deep cement.

Ottawa could of course change the constitution,
But provinces would want more power as a solution,
Canít have that and the Clarity Act will put them to sleep,
The status quo is so easy not to mention, itís cheap.

And those sovereignists better not rock the boat,
Bilingual friends in Ottawa will put them on remote,
Those Quebec unilinguals better stay the course,
Because thereís not a chance theyíre getting a divorce.

Because the Trudeau/Chretien Charter is not gone,
Though no property rights and Quebec didnít sign on,
Though Adscam may show the problems we should all agree,
A peopleís constitution would be better to see.

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