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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian-American Friendship

Canadian-American Friendship


James Bredin

What to do about our powerful American friends,
Theyíre not in the least interested in our communist trends,
Or our out of control flood of rogue refugees,
Most of these accepted by Immigration trustees.

Americans donít care for Kyoto or UN rule,
Or that our politicians think peacekeeping is so cool,
Or going to Africa to stop some tribal war,
And same-sex stuff and polygamy they just ignore,

They donít care if we donít have term limit restrictions,
Politicians who should have adscam criminal convictions,
Or we donít have recall or even referendums,
And we canít change our constitution with memorandums.

Bilingualism is not their nailed down policy trend,
They speak any language they like even on weekends,
And they ask their Supreme Court appointees any question
Anything they like even a biased suggestion.

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