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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Belinda#s Betrayal

Belinda#s Betrayal


James Bredin

No referendums, no recall and no set election dates,
No questions to those appointed and we canít even debate,
No term limits for politicians who can stay for life,
Manipulating the system or changing parties without strife.

Add to that Belendaís betrayal that boggles the mind,
As she left the good guys and went over to her own kind,
Her smirky smile set the stage and its difficult swallow,
Her reasons plus her new job sound absolutely hollow.

And Belinda while youíre at Human Resources Department,
Try to find that missing billion dollars in some compartment,
The Liberals never found it and said it was just lost,
And with their disciplined majority the issue was tossed.

Too bad the Adscam inquiry canít touch that matter,
Itís just water under the bridge for Liberals who chatter,
Maybe you could help them find it and bring about some change,
Or are my expectations too high and more than a little strange?

And how will the separatists in Quebec view your betrayal?
Will they now change their minds because of your Liberal portrayal?
And decide not to eventually have referendum three,
Referendums we are forbidden by your fellow bourgeoisie.

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