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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - As a Result of the Gomery Inquiry

As a Result of the Gomery Inquiry


James Bredin

The Martin-Layton deal with the devil may not hold,
Even if it does for a while, theyíre finished, Iím told,
In the meantime they feel the inquiry should be shut down,
Itís costing too much they claim and nothing worth while has been found.

They like parliament in recess because there are no questions,
How they tax, spend and extort merely by using suggestions,
If they make it to summer recess theyíll extend it till next year.
We will get what we deserve but we have nothing to fear.

If you paid your extortionate taxes, you realize by now,
They are taking us to the cleaners because we allow,
They need that money for more of that equalization,
Or stash it in some covert place called a special foundation.

We have no control over what they do with our money,
Heard about corruption and kickbacks that they think is funny,
But how can we change things and make them unemployed?
Before we the people and this country is destroyed.

They deny that faithful members were appointed to the bench,
For volunteering during an election or they spoke French,
Party-member lawyers were not rewarded with those jobs,
These false allegations are just coming from right-wing mobs.

And independent committees made these decisions,
They were all above board so no questions or revisions,
Canadians donít want changes so we stick in the status quo,
While the Liberals fork out all our pre-election dough.

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