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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - And We Are So Proud

And We Are So Proud


James Bredin

Are Canadian voters a true trustworthy team?
Elected Liberals after scandals before as we have seen,
After Shawinigate and HRDC and much more,
So shady Adscam type conspiracies have happened before.

After the Krever and Somalia Inquiries too,
Voted back in by Canadians who didnít have a clue,
Enormous propaganda onslaught by their media friends,
So that the puppet press and politicians meet their own ends.

By Liberal-friendly editors with similar concerns,
Vested interests that no one in the public can discern,
A blitzkrieg of lies and innuendos behind a firewall,
For you without referendums, term limits or recall.

And Adscam cases full of cash are heavy to lug about,
But they could convince anyone especially those in doubt,
Plus a paralyzed parliament that seems to be dead,
Dictatorships donít need parliament, itís long been said.

Parliament for the prime minister is only an annoyance,
Could cut into his UN agenda and flamboyance,
And those in the Sudan donít want soldiers but send the money,
Millions to buy guns and ammunition which isnít funny.

And who appointed the Governor General to her place?
No questions allowed and no answers given and in your face,
The same guy who appoints senators and the Supreme Court crowd,
Still no questions allowed nor answers given and weíre so proud.

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