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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Americans can impeach presidents but not Canadians

Americans can impeach presidents but not Canadians


James Bredin

Of Course you are trying to save Canada from extinction,
Provided you and your Liberals get an extension,
And you continue to rule as with Chretien, you went along,
And now suddenly you tell us, you may have been wrong.

What did you think during the Shawinigate Affair?
His ethics guy and the Mounty on a wing and a prayer,
And that billion dollars at HRDC that went missing?
Do you ever talk about these when you are reminiscing?

And you tell us we should be happy and carefree and gay,
And you’ll implement and stick us with same-sex stuff any day,
Your wishy washy ambiguous ambitious agenda is fine,
Certain newspapers pump our your propaganda all the time,

You said you wanted all the facts to come out,
But we already know enough and we don’t have a doubt,
The Americans can impeach their presidents but not us,
We can’t even vote for our PM but ‘twas ever thus.

We are held captive while politicians discuss election,
No set dates and we can’t discuss the selection,
No referendums, no recall or property rights,
No withstanding clause used to the Liberal delights.

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