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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - After Adscam

After Adscam


James Bredin

The next step after Adscam is Referendum Three,
Only for Quebec but forbidden for you and me,
Chretien’s Clarity Act to be used but who could have guessed?
And for the third time, Confederation put to the test.

Equalization ransom not equal even in name,
Vote buying manufacturing machine like Adscam game,
Mostly for some but again not for you or for me,
While Ontario pays and is taxed to the eyes, you’ll agree.

Pushed by pompous propaganda as if we’re all dense,
On people constantly programmed though it makes no sense,
Believe unbelievable corruption as a rule of thumb,
And the status quo and Adscam accepted by the numb.

No referendums and no recall or term limit rights,
They allow rogue refugees in by day and by night
As they scream same-sex, gun laws and the Charter of Rights,
While four dead Mounties are given the last rites,

Political corruption removed from reality,
Pompous international socialist mentality,
Because they’re liked so much at the United Nations,
Where no one questions their secretly funded foundations.

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