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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Adscam Tip of the Iceberg

Adscam Tip of the Iceberg


James Bredin

What do you mean the Adscam guys will walk free?
Theyíre all in it up to their necks as far as we can see
Tell me something nice about these Adscam guys
Are they telling the truth and none of it is lies?

And each and everyone claims he didnít know
Someone must have known something though
Why donít they just admit, the ransom was paid
But now it seems, even the separatists feet betrayed

Everything is fine they say, just get back to work
Stop getting worked up because no one is going berserk
Ottawa politicians are not going to change a thing
It doesnít matter if you scream and holler or sing

Referendums and recall have all been forbidden
And all that stuff in the Access Act will remain hidden
Bilingualism in and proportional representation out
Appointed judges canít be questioned so there is no doubt

Senators appointed till they die or seventy five
Check now and then to make sure theyíre all alive
And all those rogue refugees will keep coming in
And whoís going to stop them and where and when?

Without term limits politicians can stay for life
Pretend that theyíre great and there isnít any strife
Donít even dream about constitutional change
Mulroney and Clark tried that - very strange

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