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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Adscam Sponsorship House of Cards

Adscam Sponsorship House of Cards


James Bredin

Secretive sponsorship shenanigans slush fund scare,
No connection to Shawinigan shenanigans affair,
They wouldnít lie about this because theyíve changed,
Have we had a frontal lobotomy or are we deranged?

Theyíve milked us placid taxpayers for so many years,
Then they gave it to their friends and got it back without fears,
No documentation, paper trail or confirmation,
And thatís not counting what they stuffed in furtive foundations.

They scream that the Gomery inquiry should shut down,
It wasnít them they say; it was the other guys down town,
Their politics will have to continue just as they are,
Keep donations coming in dollars euros or dinars.

And nothing in Ottawa is ever allowed to change,
Canít admit that thereís a problem and canít rearrange,
Because Canada is perfect or didnít you know?
Because powerful politicians still say itís so.

Canít elect a prime minister or question a judge,
Canít elect a senator or even begrudge,
Canít recall a politician or have set election dates,
Canít have referendums or ground level debates.

And proportional representation will not be allowed,
It has been denied by all our politicians they vowed,
Bilingualism pounded in whether you like it or not,
Except in French unilingual Quebec, I forgot.

And if Quebec decides to separate theyíll fix that too,
Clarity Act and $equalization will pull us through,
Like the adscam sponsorship ransom house of cards
If it folds, theyíll up the ransom and send out best regards.

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