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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Adscam Ransom Money

Adscam Ransom Money


James Bredin

Adscam hearings are about that Quebec ransom money,
But not officially called that and it’s never funny,
But billions of dollars completely disappeared,
Quebec’s next referendum is what they really feared.

Fighting Quebec separatism they constantly screamed,
Therefore the ransom was worth it and they’re surely redeemed,
And their sponsorship conspiracies will all disappear,
They’ll now deny everything and continue their career.

Because referendums are banned in this beautiful land,
And unofficially our faces are all buried in sand,
Please pay attention to the same-sex stuff for now,
Designed to distract your attention from adscam somehow.

This messianic madness will maintain their status quo,
Refuse responsibility for all that missing dough,
Because power is the ultimate aphrodisiac,
Erased everything and claimed that they’re amnesiac.

We surely need just one honest leader to point the way,
But bound by referendums and what we have to say,
Go back into your cage and stop thinking like that,
No changes are contemplated while they’re up to bat.

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