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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Adscam, Gomery, Sponsorship Inquiry

Adscam, Gomery, Sponsorship Inquiry


James Bredin

Funneled funds to their Francophonie friends in Quebec,
Adscam, sponsorship, Gomery inquiry if you check,
Liberal corruption seeped deep into organization,
Plus furtive funds stashed steep still in secret foundations.

"Canadian values," they said in their propaganda,
Pay attention to Darfur, Somalia and Uganda,
Overlook scandal, patronage, theft and corruption,
But donít do, think, say or vote that might cause disruption.

Sneaky secret slush funds slid here and there, everywhere,
To their friends under the table with a wing and a prayer,
No invoices or contracts; it was just word of mouth,
Because they could trust each other not to blabbermouth.

Therefore there was no documentation or paper trail,
Investigators were and are still blind, using Braille,
And democracy had no input when thieves were at large,
It was a one-party state where they were in charge.

Confrontational issues were easily solved,
Their abortion or same-sex issues just evolved,
Because itís in the Charter and donít disturb the status quo,
Equalization too in the Charter or didnít you know.

Complacent lazy dithering corrupt politicians,
Think referendums would interfere with their conditions,
And after a while they start to believe their own lies,
While they say theyíre not the same as those adscam guys.

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