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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - We the People

We the People


James Bredin

I sometimes feel that we the people are no more than sheep,
Being led and directed by a pompous party creep,
Pushed here and there by pious political predictions,
No referendums, recall or term limit restrictions.

A vote for five minutes every five years maybe,
Because even this is not nailed down -- no way, baby,
Where parliament is no more than a puppet show,
Can see it on TV except the empty seats though.

And same-sex stuff is written in the Charter of Rights,
That’s what they say from their many lefty lofty heights,
Manufactured media message for you and for me,
As we bend over, bow our heads and we all agree.

And we’re not allowed to change the constitution,
Because of what they say is not their proper solution,
It’s the status quo forever because we’re so right,
Polygamy two, three, four or five wives is alright.

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