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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Untitled Nations at War

Untitled Nations at War


James Bredin

They had a civil war every year for thirty years,
From Kofi Annan of the UN, this is what we hear,
The question is; should we join these ongoing actions,
Liberals want us involved with these African factions.

Thirty wars in thirty years would tend to be a trend,
And ongoing trend that is difficult to amend,
Will these wars stretch on for another thirty years?
Is it worth joining in or even sending volunteers?

Liberals make announcements at the United Nations,
Itís for human rights they claim the need for these stations,
National sovereignty or religious wars donít count,
That Christian-Islamic-Ethnic stuff is a small amount.

We learned nothing in Rwanda ten years ago,
Couldnít stop the genocide and had to go with the flow,
Couldnít make a decision without calling New York,
But they were closed for the weekend because of overwork.

And still we insist as if nothing had ever changed,
Claiming human rights gives us the right and itís all arranged,
White Christian Crusaders in a black African land,
Canít read the backward writing on the wall in this command.

International socialists at the United Nations,
Weíll fix global problems without any complications,
And if soldiers canít do it, weíll send boxes of cash,
To one side or the other and add it to their stash.

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