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James Bredin

They’ll extend the inquiry for several years,
Liberal politicians have absolutely no fears,
Those millions went missing like a thief in the night,
And it happened so fast, it gave them all a fright.

Some said it’s about paying ransom to Quebec,
One more close-call referendum could easily wreck,
Created by Chretien’s hidden program that he wrote,
Into the paper shredder so his distance was remote.

And already, we’re all getting tired of their reasons,
No Liberals go to jail for theft graft or treason,
And we reelected them so we deserve what we get,
Did he really need that big Challenger jet?

So nothing will change at this Liberals station,
No term limits or proportional representation,
No referendums, no recall, or questions to a judge,
Appointees to the Senate and Supreme Court won’t budge,

Liberals, the ethics guy and the Mounties are honest,
They would never never do anything dishonest,
And Chretien who created it, is high above it all,
Though Shawinigan shenanigans were a close call.

The missing millions were merely numbers that disappeared,
Nothing to get worked up about though it was a little weird,
Creative advertising costs an awful lot of cash,
Straight from the treasury for that Adscam bash,

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