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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The UN and the Canadian Liberals

The UN and the Canadian Liberals


James Bredin

The UN is mostly despotic aristocracy,
Interested in their own kleptocracy,
And Paul Martin will help pay for it all with our money,
Tax-and-spend Liberals think this is very funny.

But you’ve been told again and again, the UN is true,
Their pompous propaganda sounds so true blue,
So Canadians accept that the UN should rule,
International missionaries who pretend they’re cool.

And of course they’ll back any African dictator,
Like Chretien and friend Mugabe as an indicator,
Liberal mission -- international and all wrong,
Trudeau, Margaret and Castro all sang that commie song.

Their propaganda, media controlled from above,
Refugee terrorists treated with kit gloves,
Supreme Court appointees never questioned or asked,
Their special interests all carefully hidden and masked.

Their arrogance and isolation cannot be measured,
Their propaganda pumped out so they’ll be treasured,
Could make Stalin’s and Hitler’s machines look puny,
And as we march to their tunes, are we slightly loony?

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