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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Refugee Wants to Stay

The Refugee Wants to Stay


James Bredin

The rapist can apply for parole in a year,
For killing and raping young girls without fear,
He didnít intend to harm them; he was just drunk,
And what the witnesses said was a load of bunk.

So what; he raped and robbed and murdered; he has his rights,
This refugee from overseas has set his sights,
He wants to stay in Canada and he will,
He has Charter rights and lawyers so send the bill.

And the dead girls and their parents wonít say a word,
ĎCause Trudeauís Charter was for "everyone" in the world,
Itís politically correct the Liberals all say,
Canít deport him and he canít be sent away.

And the people were told, never react or think,
And overlook refugee transgressions with a wink,
ĎCause itís the Charter and UN agenda that mattered,
So what if a few girls got raped killed or battered.

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