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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Lost Allaire Report

The Lost Allaire Report


James Bredin

You never read the Allaire Report; why do I know?
Ottawa bureaucrats buried it long ago,
Too controversial and radical for your tender ears,
So sit back, go to sleep or maybe have a beer.

Quebec had their second referendum in ninety five,
Came within one percent of our national survive,
Theyíll have another referendum soon so sit tight,
And another after that, till they get it right.

Canadians should realize the significance here,
Quebec never did sign onto Trudeauís Charter, I hear,
The Adscam Liberal status quo is not rock solid,
As they hide this and that and other things that are horrid.

The Allaire Report is now hidden in our history,
Not liked in Ottawa so this is no great mystery,
Would give Quebec and provinces more potential,
Swept under the federal rug as inconsequential.

Because it didnít stick to their Ottawa status quo,
Radical proposals that time and the feds laid low,
Ottawa would have much less legal jurisdiction,
And we would have less provincial-federal contradiction.

The Allaire Report laid out a simple system for change
Download some federal stuff to the provinces - not strange,
But Ottawa politicians just love their power,
And those who suggest changes are downright sour.

Feds got tariffs, money, equalization and defense,
They shared mail, fish, foreign stuff and it made lots of sense,
Shared Aboriginal people and communications,
The provinces got the remainder to stop frustrations.

Appointed Supreme Court changed to a community court,
Appointed senate abolished as a useless resort,
Interprovincial trade barriers eliminated,
With referendums by those who feel discriminated.

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