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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Liberals are Great Guys

The Liberals are Great Guys


James Bredin

The fellow travelers of the loony left hold tight,
To their left-wing status quo with all of their might,
Politically correct station; who would have thought?
Propaganda machine that Goebbels could have sought.

The Adscam inquiry means nothing to them,
Membership in the Mafia; they would never condemn,
Or fellow Liberals shooting off at the mouth,
About Americans who just live a little south.

And a prime minister who hardly ever makes it home,
Liberals do like complimentary freedom to roam,
Speak to us in sound bites from away far away,
Constant propaganda without a moments delay.

Trudeau started this global traveling in his day,
Where every PM since then has gone to play,
Follow for free at taxpayers’ expense, the trends,
In a Challenger jet full of family and friends.

Could we just pass a law to keep them near here?
Though Liberals would view this as very austere,
We get what we deserve from these narrow minded nerds,
Their socialist shenanigans and their empty words.

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