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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Liberals, the Americans and Adscam

The Liberals, the Americans and Adscam


James Bredin

Liberals donít like George Bush from the Deep South,
And they gagged trying to talk from both sides of their mouths,
They hope that this adscam inquiry will not linger,
If they can cancel, delay, stop, postpone or hinder.

Maybe over the Christmas people will just forget,
With parliament closed down and no need to regret,
And adscam already postponed or didnít you know?
In the Liberal legal jargon of a puppet show.

It might open again next year or the year after,
Is that a whisper I hear or Liberal laughter?
Or will it die a slow death from lack of attention?
Slowly slide away from public comprehension.

In total denial that the status quo might change,
Liberals want power and think this is not strange,
No referendums, recall and no term restrictions,
And definitely no Liberal criminal convictions.

And what to do about our American friends,
Republican/conservatives set all the trends,
Why canít they see things the socialist or the UN way?
Why canít they have same-sex marriage for folks that are gay?

I apologize for maybe causing you to think,
But donít worry; thereís no Liberals going in the clink,
Theyíve got their appointees in all the proper places,
And they consider only correct accurate cases.

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