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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Latest on Canadian Medicare

The Latest on Canadian Medicare


James Bredin

You linger in emergency waiting room all day,
Amid AIDS carrying refugees who donít pay,
But AIDS carrying refugees have political clout,
Your cancer compared to Charter rights and thereís no doubt.

Our health talks are a long legacy of fallacy,
Theyíre really about international Charter policy,
Behind closed doors so donít even look for a sign,
And hope as you wait, your cancer goes benign.

You understand of course, you should stay quiet as a mouse,
Like a sheep in the herd walking towards the slaughter house,
Without referendums or political recall,
Itís Adscam politicians all having a ball.

The system is okay, it works and itís fine,
You just donít count the number of refugees in line,
You wonít because itís not politically correct,
And weíll all eventually vote Liberal I suspect.

Or should we all be committed for being quite mad?
Canít change their Charter which should seem quite sad,
As the politicians announce that they have a plan,
So just try to stay alive as long as you can.

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