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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Environment and Kyoto

The Environment and Kyoto


James Bredin

Climate change is coming and the sky is going to fall,
The Kyoto environmental types impress us all,
Concern about nuclear stuff is not on their minds,
Nor concern about what Chernobyl left behind.

They consider that carbon emissions are a disgrace,
Cars, busses or forest fires have no place,
Environmentalists you see are like religious nuts,
They’ve got figures and graphs so no ifs, ands or buts.

We’re in a league where the Liberals have signed us all up,
We’ll have no nuclear disaster and no screw-ups,
And Liberal lobbyists claim this struggle is divine,
Save us from corruption and pollution and decline.

And we’ll all love Kyoto especially the big bill,
We’re in it up to our necks though no one has read it still,
International socialists gone completely mad,
The Americans pulled out of this crazy fad.

And there’s nothing we can do, thanks to the Chretien clan,
Sold their souls when they voted as a block, every last man,
No referendums, recall and democracy is out,
And these pompous hair brains pretend to be devout.

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