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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Society is a Flock of Sheep

Society is a Flock of Sheep


James Bredin

Thereís no difference between people and a herd of sheep,
One flock gets a shepherd and the other gets a creep,
The shepherd wants a place where his sheep can graze,
And the creep wants a place to spend the rest of his days.

Neither the sheep nor you or I can select our boss,
They just arrive from somewhere else like Santa Clause,
Our prime minister then appoints his friends to high places,
To be Supreme Court to decide those same-sex cases.

And we all go along just like a big herd of sheep,
"No protests and no questions will be allowed from you, Creep!"
We have no referendums, term limits or recall,
Tax and spend and travel the world while having a ball.

Being prisoners of our status quo is not so strange,
Weíve been here for years and not allowed to rearrange,
We need a constitutional change and real soon,
While rogue refugees claim Charter rights in platoons.

And soon there will be many more of them than us,
Not politically correct to mention this fuss,
"Itís all a secret you righteous right winger!"
Stay quiet like sheep and pretend youíre a winner.

As they march in lock step, obey and vote as a block,
They get power, do nothing and stay steady as a rock,
And a big paper shredder so their appointees canít fail,
And the Adscam inquiry has no paper trail.

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