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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Secret Appointees to the Supreme Court

Secret Appointees to the Supreme Court


James Bredin

You canít ask a Supreme Court judge his or her name,
It doesnít matter who they are - a guy or a dame,
Secret status quo is so sacred that it canít be changed,
Nothing, absolutely nothing, can be rearranged.

Our Prime Minister Paul who was not elected by you,
He picks his friends, so you can shout till youíre blue,
Hope you donít end up in front of his appointee,
You might learn quickly to never disagree.

You canít ask questions to a feminist appointees,
Is she a dyke or an alcoholic on a spree?
What does she think of all this same-sex marriage stuff?
Stop. You canít ask that. Close the door. Youíve had enough!

Theyíll do the politiciansí job with these decisions,
Onward and upward to glory in left wing revisions,
Change more laws in one day than parliament in a year,
Therefore make more laws without fallout or fear.

Dressed up like bishops to decide and display,
What they see in the tealeaves of the Charter that day,
And changes to Trudeauís Charter will never be allowed,
Not by these unquestioned appointees who are so proud.

Without referendums or recall you canít complain,
Donít even mention this poem or youíll be viewed with distain,
Youíre just a social number and donít you forget,
And donít you even think of smoking that cigarette.

So thereís no need for politicians to make more laws,
The Supreme Court can do the job without any flaws,
No need for a throne speech and all that pompous stuff,
Pretending to pretend is much more than enough.

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