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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Same-sex Basket Case

Same-sex Basket Case


James Bredin

This same-sex stuff will show that we are a basket case,
Where the abnormal is normal and itís all in your face,
In the constitution and curriculum of schools,
These activists will now enforce all their scary rules.

They will claim discrimination if they donít get their way,
In kindergarten to grade twelve every single day,
If you canít get worked up and you turn your head instead,
Youíll fit right in as the activists make your bed.

They want to teach about Marty who has two mothers,
Or Frederick who happens to have two foolish fathers,
And they want to show and teach that this is all normal,
And theyíll show that you might be the ones who are abnormal.

Supreme Court decided in case you had a phobia,
Human Rights Tribunals now search for homophobia,
We are now deeply into social engineering,
And if you think otherwise, youíre blind and hard of hearing.

Ideas imposed in the guise of our tolerance,
A graphic illustration of our incompetence,
Read it and hear it on every radio station,
History of how activists can control a nation.

Need permission to even have an independent thought,
They will help you decide in case you get overwrought,
The idea of referendums or recall is banned,
You may have to line up for your new tattoo or brand.

Liberals will decide when they come back from overseas,
It will pass in parliament even with a tight squeeze,
And then the Liberals will lie and lie about the lies,
Those who are transgender might be in disguise.

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