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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Refugee Amnesty Please

Refugee Amnesty Please


James Bredin

They’re going to declare an amnesty soon,
Maybe by 2 p.m. tomorrow afternoon,
For a million illegals who came and told a lie,
For terrorists too which nobody dare deny.

But the Adscam Liberals already know,
Their immigration lawyers are making lots of dough,
And here’s a chance for them to make even more,
While Liberal voters will increase by the score.

They call illegals, "undocumented workers,"
Not refugees on welfare with the other lurkers,
While security at the airports seems off the track
Because even Osama could not be sent back.

Is it thirty, forty or ninety thousand refugees?
How many have arrived and are missing in the trees?
How many more are coming and do we have the room?
Will our politicians tell us the real numbers soon?

Will the minister of Immigration just wave her hand?
As though it’s nothing and everything is grand,
And churches with hidden refugees will have a say,
But there’s a million more coming and please obey.

Being rejected as a refugee doesn’t mean a thing,
No one gets sent back in this special-interest ring,
They can appeal forever and for twenty, thirty years,
They want their fair hearing or they’ll break down in tears.

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