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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Quebec-Ontario equalization

Quebec-Ontario equalization


James Bredin

If Quebec has something, Ontario should have it too
That is real equalization through and through,
If they are unilingual, why canít we be too?
Are we so submissive we donít know what to do?

Why should bilingualism be shoved down our throats?
In places of one language and extremely remote,
Are we over a barrel stuck in their status quo?
Afraid to talk out in case they mention Trudeau.

Why are we so afraid to ask these questions?
Or to even step forward to make some suggestions,
Why canít we have referendums or even recall?
Must we stay down hidden insignificant and small?

Will being polite and obedient keep us secure?
Or are we just politically immature?
Should we view corrupt politicians with certain scorn?
Or should we feel individually weak and forlorn?

Obedient people have been marched to their camps,
Assigned tattoo numbers and given mine lamps,
Obliging and compliant they worked day and night,
All done by those who said they were so righteous and right.

Of course they scream that it couldnít happen here,
Itís narrow minded rednecks and Nazis we should fear,
But not our politicians -- socialist to the core,
And when you scream again for change, theyíll ignore.

Canadians canít change anything at all,
Not the constitution or the writing on the wall,
Just pay the referendum ransom to Quebec,
Call it equalization because no one ever checks.

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