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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Pomp Circumstances and Paul Martin

Pomp Circumstances and Paul Martin


James Bredin

Mr. Martin I realize you do have some seniority,
And you’re traveling the world despite your minority,
Looks like you’re going to pull a Joe Clark and pretend?
Like Chretien too and travel and lie and tax and spend.

I shouldn’t have to tell you but the deck is now stacked,
And if parliament counts for anything, you will get whacked,
You seem to think the divine right of kings is on your side,
But your position at the top could be a short ride.

I see you stacked the Supreme Court with two of your friends,
Decisions loaded for politically correct trends,
The abuse of power was never even mentioned,
No questions and no answers and therefore no tension.

These folks dressed up like bishops in their fancy red gowns,
In their same-sex marriage decisions may cause some frowns,
But you’re above that ‘cause you’ll be traveling all around,
High in a Challenger jet like the GG, looking down.

I hear you’re going to Africa for more refugees,
And at the UN you’re a hero and a big cheese,
Like their ICC and their Kyoto Accord,
And how much of all this will we be able to afford?

I hear you want to send soldiers to Sudan and Darfur
Like white Christian Crusaders all going to war,
Invade a black Islamic land for a human cure,
You’ve heard of Rwanda and Somalia, I’m sure.

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