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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Our American Friends

Our American Friends


James Bredin

Anti-American Canadian hype is profound,
Plus politicians serial stupidity confound,
This headline hogging cerebral challenged rush,
These lounge lizard Liberals just donít like George Bush.

Canada-US relationships should always be good,
Even for dumb down politicians this should be understood,
And all terrorists immediately jailed without bail,
And the Trudeau-Chretien Charter is not the Holy Grail.

Why incoming refugees are treated with soft gloves,
As if we should all join together and declare our love,
And incoming terrorists will surely change their ways,
When they hear Liberal propaganda all night and day.

Itís the UN and not the US that Liberals like,
And the Bush administration can go take a hike,
They forget our NAFTA economy is locked into theirs,
Someone please teach our politicians these affairs.

Our Carolyn Parrish seems to set their pace,
Called the Americans bastards right to their face,
Other Liberals of course seem to all nod their heads,
As if they are all on some really powerful meds.

It doesnít take a brain surgeon to show us how to vote,
So why do lecherous Liberals have us by the throat?
Why canít we just sit down with our American friends?
And forget the UN and international trends.

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