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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Ottawa Thought Police

Ottawa Thought Police


James Bredin

Mind numbing jargon where acronyms are constant,
Conceited consultants, stuck-up and arrogant,
Administrative decisions made behind closed doors,
As they urge the UN to be involved in Sudan wars?

And then a bureaucrat will tell us what to think?
From the Ministry of Culture -- some unknown dink,
Strength through diversity -- multicultural goal,
Could these little commissars send us down in a hole?

Though communists and Liberals think this is great,
These international socialists not much into debate,
Declare that the Charter is the best since sliced bread,
Words written by Trudeau but heís long since dead.

Their status quo system is such that nothing will change,
No referendums, no recall and nothing strange,
Never Fox TV according to their dictates,
Only unquestioned appointees will decide who debates.

Why do we need to be told what culture is about?
Why do they behave as if they have no doubt?
Why do we need a minister of culture?
Why should we be guided by some political vulture?

Why do we need the CRTC to say itís okay?
What we should think, TV we should watch and who to obey,
Where are these thought police getting their agenda?
Ottawa political socialist propaganda.

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