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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - No Questions please. We#re politicians

No Questions please. We#re politicians


James Bredin

Every now and then they think up another scheme,
Bilingualism, Kyoto, equalization dream,
Expensive diversion to disguise what is wrong,
Multicultural distractions to pretend they are strong.

The needs of the people are secondary at best,
They have five years free, just to manipulate and jest,
No referendums, recall, term limits or questions,
No queries to appointees or even suggestions.

They learned it all down at the United Nations,
Met all those dictators and took secret notations,
How to tax, spend and travel and move a lot of money,
Appoint friends to high places without questions -- funny.

Then they heard about the McGinty code of conduct,
He knew how to lie, tax and spend and he could instruct,
It was a toss-up which ones were the biggest crooks,
Who could cover their tracks and give sanctimonious looks.

How can we get rid of crooked politicians?
Their appointees cover for them though we have suspicions,
Recall of course is anathema to these crooks,
Referendums too and you canít look at their books.

They think about Chretienís legacy and democracy
Is there a connection between that and kleptocracy?
Thereís nothing we can do if they are all crooks,
Theyíve appointed their friends to decide how it looks.

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