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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - No One Responsible

No One Responsible


James Bredin

Has Adscam Inquiry been closed down or stopped?
Was that evidence of corruption completely lost?
Were politicians embarrassed by these revelations?
Were they involved in any of these cancellations?

Is Canada cursed by inept pompous politicians?
With unquestioned appointees to preserve conditions?
Paying equalization ransom to Quebec for tough love,
Bilingualism and multiculturalism shove.

Traveling the world constantly in a Challenger jet,
Forget that we’re six hundred billion dollars in debt,
And half our taxes just to pay the interest on this,
With politicians who rarely mention this debt exists.

We’ve had too many prime minister who came from Quebec,
Just sit back and count them if you care to check,
Pretending and sending equalization to their friends,
Say the ransom is for unity as they tax and spend.

Absent from parliament more than half the time,
Constantly traveling the world and spending our dime,
But there are no rules and we don’t vote for him,
So we get what we deserve though it can be grim.

As they manipulate the system every day and night,
And manage the media because we’re not all that bright,
Can’t ask, have referendums, term limits or recall,
Parliament is incidental while they’re having a ball.

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