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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Lousy Adscam Liberals

Lousy Adscam Liberals


James Bredin

Those who defend the Adscam guys are now in charge,
Minority Liberals in Ottawa by enlarge,
No referendums, recall or term limits weíre lost,
Listening to excuses and propaganda exhaust.

These Liberals do and always have voted as a block,
Itís about power and their ever obedient flock,
We are not allowed a voice in their big events,
We donít know what an Adscam Liberal represents.

Their Liberal legacy of looting is legendary,
From HRDC to Shawinigan so necessary,
They travel foreign places and the UN in New York,
That Liberal international order of pork.

They despise the Americans and show it out loud,
These lousy Liberals but allowed to be proud,
And the auditorís numbers they say could be all wrong,
There are no corrupt politicians so sing your swan song.

Do you remember Chretienís motel in Shawinigan?
Do you remember why they got voted in again?
Do you remember that they never needed receipts?
As they claim again and again that there are no deceits.

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